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    Import doesn't use "date taken" for renaming


      I've noticed some of my photos have a different date stamp (they were on external drives, moved to a server, then backed off to another server and now I'm trying to import into LR Classic)


      You can see from the image below that the create/modified/accessed date stamp on the file (Running Windows 10) is 12/29/2017.  But on the details for the image, the camera's "date taken" is 7/28/2009


      When I mouse over an image on the import screen (before importing) it's showing the file stamp, not the date taken.  If I import this image, it's going to rename and organize it to the wrong date.


      Losing the original date stamp happens especially when moving files between Linux and Windows (not always, I think it may be because of SMB).  But shouldn't a photo be indexed based on it's original date taken?


      Am I missing a setting when I'm importing images, or is this a major LR bug?