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    Premiere doesn't play both audio tracks.


      Hi, good evening..


      I record my gameplays with OBS Studio, and there I can choose to separate my Desktop audio from my Mic audio, and because of that, the archive when dragged into Premiere, already comes with two tracks.


      When I was editing, A2 track playedback perfectly, but when I finished the project and rendered it in Media Encoder, besides the final product coming without any sound whatsoever of the track A2, the project in Premiere started to only playback the track A1 as well.

      All audio tracks works, except for A2, which came together with the raw video. As you can see, A1 and A2 has different wave forms, but they play the same audio. When I mute, for example, track A2, all it does is lower the volume of track A1.


      I've spent a lot of time in this project and I'm afraid I'm going to lose it, if someone could help me I would appreciate a lot!