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    AdvancedDataGrid number of rows displayed

      This is probably really easy but I can't find a property for it. How does the AdvancedDataGrid determine the number of rows to display if no height is set? I have 2 datagrids both bound to the same data which consists of 2 records, but each displays different columns. One is showing 7 rows and the other displays 6 rows. The first 2 are actual records and the remaining rows are blank. Can this be configured to not display blank rows? Also can I set a maximum so that scrollbars are introduced if the number of records is greater than the maximum? Thanks.
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          I haven't used any advanceddatagrids in my short time working with flex, but it most likely can use the same properties of datagrid. Instead of using Height="#" I use rowCount="{dataprovider.length+1}". In design view rowCount will display 6-7 rows no matter what, but once you build it will display properly.

          I'm still using Flex Builder 2 so you're milage may vary.