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    Autosuggest firing problem

    emccormick Level 1
      I have a cfform that contains <cfinput autosuggest> and a <cfinput button submit>. The cfform gets loaded and the user enters a min of two characters to fire autosuggest. The drop-down appears, and the user selects a value. The drop-down collapses normally and the selection is put in the text box. The user hits the submit button. A div and a grid appear in an adjacent tablayout and are populated. All of this is behavior I expect.

      But when the user subsequently enters another pair of characters, things get weird. The drop-down appears normally but as soon as the user clicks one of the values, something fires immediately -- before the submit button is pressed. The div in the adjacent tablayout does not refresh, but the grid tries to repopulate, and the drop down temporarily freezes up as it collapses back to display the selection in the text box.

      Has anyone else seen anything like this?

      I'll try to put together a small working example and post it. Hoping someone in the meantime has seen this or knows enough to help.
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          emccormick Level 1
          I've stripped the app down to the smallest working example of the problem and attached the code. If someone could grab it and have a look. There are 6 templates named, and the only requirement is they must be placed in a directory named 'test'.

          Very much appreciated!

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            emccormick Level 1
            Love solving my own problems.

            In the last template, dsp_org_grid.cfm, I miused the bind parameter "partnername". This was the name of the autosuggest input on index.cfm, and I stupidly tried to use it as a variable in get_tabdata.cfm. Even more stoopider, I then thought I was passing it in to the bind as a variable, which you can't even do! So every time the autosuggest value changed (even before the form was submitted) the grid updated. My working solution was to change the variable name on get_tabdata.cfm, pass it down to the grid page where it's assigned to a hidden cfinput, then bind it to the grid by name, thus separating the grid from autosuggest.

            Thanks to anyone who read through this mess.