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    Newbie needs help with Flex app

      Hi there. I am very new to Flex and also fairly new to programming although I do have a little experience.

      I am trying to create an app which stores code snippets or common text I tend to use every day in my documents and emails.

      So basically I need help on a design level. I can refer to the developer's manual for exact instructions for commands, but I need to know what to code first.

      The app will consist of:

      -a tree directory structure where I can create groups.
      -There will be a basic text editor where I input all my data, basic text formatting options (font, bullets etc) would be a bonus.
      -A search function
      -Finally it will ideally allow multiple client apps write to a central database file over a network

      Can anyone suggest how I should approach such a project?
      Or are there any tutorials / source files which demonstrate each bullet point?

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          Dizzia Level 1
          Hey jono,
          I'm new too. But I think I might know the right components.
          If you google any of these + flex 3 you should get some decent documentation

          tree - advanced dataGrid component
          basic text editor - rich text editor component
          search function - well, you're gonna need to read up on arrays, and arraycollection. Once you get that stuff working, you can write up a function to search for a string in an array.
          network functionality - HTTPService, you can dump the datagrid into a database, and have it load the database when you open up the application.

          Give these things a shot, tutorials / sources will come with the google searches.
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            Jono-60 Level 1
            Many thanks for the reply Dizzia, that was helpful.

            Will get on with it then!