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    help with swfs/symbols in AAS proejct

    kendric5 Level 1
      I have bashed my head against the wall on this for a while. My hired artist provides me with an fla that has one symbol in it(a movieclip) which has animated gifs cycling in a loop to make it look animated. Whenever i embed this swf and try to use it I can only get the following scenarios to occur
      1)I embed the swf directly and the animation plays but calls top stop and play do nothing so I am unable to stop the animation on demand
      2)I embed the swf and give a symbol name and the animation plays but there are 2 of it that I seen on the screen. When i do a stop it stops the one but the other does not.

      As an aside is there any way to making looping mp3s not have that skip at the begining?