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    Losing  audio during presentation

      While viewing my published presentation from adobe captivate, the audio stops part way through. I checked my slides for the project and they contain the audio that is missing in the presentation. I am not sure what happened while publishing my presentation that would have caused the audio to be missing, so any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi jths and welcome to this community

          I am assuming that you are talking about audio that you have on each slide and not audio that is set to play for the entire project. In this case, the best place to look would be at the timings per slide to ensure that the slide is as long or longer time wise than the audio you have on it. Secondly, if you have user interactions on the slide, you need to ensure that the "Stop Audio" is not selected in the Properties of those click boxes, text boxes etc.