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    Selecting and Copying Edited Clips that have markers

    gerardm51520143 Level 1

      Hi There,


      I am relatively new to Premiere Pro and I apologise if what I am about to ask has already been put up. I really hope there is a solution for my problem...


      I have sporting footage (cricket) that I film. I import all the AVCHD files from my Sony Camera into the timeline (sequence). I then edited (and remove) the unwanted vision (between deliveries) by the usual methods of editing. After I have finishing editing the game, I could have up to 600 individual clips. As I go through the edit, I have been marking (with 'Markers') the clips I would like to bring out to include in a Highlights timeline (sequence) to output a Highlights.MP4 file. I have been adding a marker on the clip itself, so I can identify these clips at the end of the edit. (see sample photo below)


      Question is: Is there a function or way in Premiere Pro that I can automatically selecting the clips that have been marked, copy them and paste them into a new timeline (sequence), so I can easily output a Highlights clips to a MP4 file?


      Thank you in advance, and appricate any advise you can offer.






      Output Premiere Pro 16.08.18.PNG