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    HELP Jerky 4k Export


      I have a very, effect heavy, one minute project. I exported it and I noticed the on-

      -screen movement is really choppy like its missing frames.



      I am using a 12.0.0 version of Premiere because the newest version was creating freezing problems.

      I am also using a 2017 MacBook Pro and viewing in quicktime, but quick time never does this for other projects, so I don't think thats the problem at all.


      • Is it the older version?
      • The export file size is too compacted with exported effects?

      What should I be checking to try and fix this!?!?!?

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          vishuagg19 Adobe Community Professional

          You need to provide more details like format and Codec you have used to export the video from premiere pro. Also, let us know the effects you have applied and speed/framerate changes in the clips of the project. 


          If possible then share the video over here.