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    Irrational Exporting Time Estimation

    inquestflash Level 1

      Hi Forum.


      I'm Finally exporting one of my personal projects, and when I checked up on Premiere to see how much time was left, I was stunned

      to see the following time estimation left, has anyone experienced this type of thing from Premiere? is it natural for the software to come

      up with a mind boggling time estimation? is this a glitch?... I'm a bit intimidated about if it's jammed or will it progress. The current time

      which was initially estimated was 12 hours, so when I returned from a long days work, I sure didn't expect this.


      Thank you.




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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Definite glitch.


          Please tell us about your computer hardware components - processor, RAM, graphics, storage, and also what sort of footage you are dealing with.


          Any render-intensive effects added, such as Denoiser plugin, Lumetri Color, stabilizer, etc.?


          Thank you



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            inquestflash Level 1

            hi, thanks for the reply.


            The video finally exported, and it's perfect as well. But I was sure stunned to see it jam on 100%!

            But for the sake of this post, here are my specs, and yes, some effects were added which I downloaded which cause

            a glitch effect to some of my sequences. So because this glitch effect was heavily used in the last 5 min or so of the video

            maybe that's what caused this crazy numeric generator to appear, just taking a wild guess here...