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    swapping images in a gallery

    dips045 Level 1
      Hello everybody,

      I'm creating an application that helps promote my client and he requires a gallery that he can update. At the moment I'm using the importFileInto lingo. So all my client has to do is bring the image into the same folder and just change the name.

      Is there a way in which the cast member can be updated so it stores the new image rather than having the images in the same folder as the director file.
      Is this the best way to go about it?

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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2
          i had the same problem , importing the files in a folder
          everytime the application is started. but one time it has do be done.
          try to make a second application that imports the files into an external cast, and then save the cast. This cast can now be used by your main application.
          What i do not understand is the fact, why you import the files, even if they are in the same folder like your app and have everytime have the same filenames. If you import the files as linked in Director , you do not need to "importFileInto".