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    Making revisions with dynamic linking




      I really enjoy the functionality of dynamically linking between Premiere and After Effects and use it often. However, there's one thing that always trips me up: How do I handle revisions in a dynamically linked environment?


      Here's my specific situation: I have a 30 second TV commercial for a furniture store in which the owner appears on camera. It's a mattress ad. The owner of the furniture store also owns a chain of mattress stores in another market and wants to run the same commercial, but swap out the couple of clips where he mentions the furniture store name and swap in clips of him mentioning the mattress chain's name.


      I complete the edit and get the approval on the furniture store spot, which has been dynamically linked to After Effects for graphics, compositing and color correction. All is good...now, I have to swap in the clips for the mattress chain and revise the graphics. What now??


      What I have been doing in what I consider to be a VERY clunky workflow...is duplicate the linked comp in AE and re-do all the graphics first. Then, I copy/paste in the two new clips for the mattress chain. Finally, I have to (the dreaded R word) RENDER that comp out and import it into PPro. This seems very counter-intuitive to the whole dynamic link workflow.


      I'm sure this is a very common issue in which there is probably a very easy answer that I'm missing. I have a specific instance outlined above, but this would also apply to something as simple as a client changing their mind and wanting a different shot in the edit.


      Maybe I need to stop grabbing all clips and Replace with After Effects Composition and start using the workflow of dragging the PPro project to AE? But this creates one clip in AE, which I think would be difficult to work with when compositing, adding text treatments, etc.


      Any advice is appreciated!



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          calebwojcik Level 1

          You're doing it how I would do it Dave.


          Manually doing your own "versioning" with Dynamic Linking comes down to manually making copies and tracking them yourself.


          I would still keep your Premiere files in Premiere and only use AE for what you need to.


          If I'm working on a project that ends up having many versions, I almost NEVER go back to a previous version, so I don't worry too much about old versions being updated through dynamic linking.


          Hope that helps!