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    Users having access to various languages in RH7


      I'm at the beginning of this project using RH7. We used RH5 until now.
      Historically, we had 2 separate online helps, One in English, One in French. Going from one to the other would bring the user at the top level of the Table of Contents for each language.

      Several people are bilingual in Canada, and several people enjoy having access to both language helps at the click of a button, without the clutter of having both display at the same time.

      I originally thought the conditional build tags would be able to provide me with that capability, but that function only enables to have ONE source file to generate several end-user Online helps.

      Is there a possibility to switch or toggle between languages, while remaining in the same topic, and having the TOC toggle to the other language at the same time?

      English TOC French TOC

      White Blanc
      Blue Bleu
      Red Rouge

      (simple illustration above of what I need.)

      I'd need a button while browsing the RED topic that takes me to the ROUGE topic (corresponding French Topic) and to the French TOC. (and back, obviously)

      A solution that would accomplish this will enable me to plan my project adequately.

      Thank you

      Ottawa, Canada
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Chip

          It would be a bit of work, but could be done. You might first review fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site about calling WebHelp. I'll insert a link below.

          Click here to see the article

          As you said, you would need to discrete WebHelp outputs. One in English and one in French. Then you would use the technique Peter talks about to create links to the matching topics in the other language. You would probably have to use the Parent or Top attribute for the links to cause the linked WebHelp to replace the frameset you are in when you click.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Chip-IT Level 1
            Thank you Rick for the quick reply.

            I had searched Peter Grainge's excellent website, but alas did not know exactly how to formulate my search to obtain the appropriate solution.

            I have perused this article and the solution will fit our situation perfectly.

            Thank you very much.