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    Drag and Drop - image of draggable item is not near mousepointer

      I have created pane where you can drag contact into a group, everything works fine but the drag image is not always at the same spot as the mouse pointer is. As visible in the image: Drag image.

      These contacts are in a VBox:

      <mx:VBox id="summariesContainer" paddingTop="10" paddingLeft="10" >
      <mx:Repeater id="contactRepeater" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{contacts}">
      <!-- Draggable items -->
      <contacts:ContactSummary contact="{contactRepeater.currentItem}"
      dragComplete="dragCompleteHandler(event);" />

      When I pick the first contact from the VBox it is right where it should be .... when I pick the second contact it is slightly below the mousepointer. In short: The distance of the contact from the top of the VBox is the distance it will have from the mousepointer. How can I correct this?

      Below is the contents of my dragIt method:

      private function dragIt(event:MouseEvent):void {
      if (!event.currentTarget is ContactSummary) {

      var contactSummary:ContactSummary = event.currentTarget as ContactSummary;
      var contact:Receiver = contactSummary.contact;

      //Set the drag initiator based on the event object
      var dragInitiator:ContactSummary = event.currentTarget as ContactSummary;

      // Create a DragSource object.
      var dragSource:DragSource = new DragSource();

      // Add the data to the object.

      dragSource.addData(contact, 'contact');

      // Create a copy of the ContactSummary to use as a drag proxy.
      var dragProxy:ContactSummary = new ContactSummary();
      dragProxy = event.currentTarget as ContactSummary;

      // Call the DragManager doDrag() method to start the drag.
      DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, dragSource, event, dragProxy);