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      Help I am having a major issue. I have a cold fusion mx7 server that has a number of sites on it. I have the same script running on two different domains on the same box. One site the form validation works and the other it doesn't. What's can it be? Also, it was all of a sudden. Yesterday, the form validation worked fine on both sites. I also noticed another customer of mine who I did a cold fusion site the form validation stopped working on his box today as well. I know the form validation was working on all three sites. What can it be? This is urgent!! PLEASE!!!:confused; I can put a temporariy fix and add a virtual dir for that non working site to the cfide folder but why should I all of a sudden have to start doing that?
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          Well I ran into exactly the same issue yesterday and have been pulling my hair out ever since. Arrrg.

          I found a tech note that explains this in detail:

          I'm on a multi-homed hosting provider but you would have the same issue with mutiple sites on your own machine.

          I copied my CFIDE/scripts directory from my CF developers edition to the root of my hosted site and it immediately worked. You'll need to preserve the directory structure but I bet you don't really needed anything but cfform.js and masks.js. View the source on your browsed pages and you'll see these files.