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    Extremely long LR Classic start and instable application


      LR Classic CC 7.4 Release - Language set to English

      Camera Raw 10.4

      O/S: Windows 10 64 bit French, Business Edition, V: 10.0.17134

      Processor: Intel i7-3770K  3.50GHz
      Memory: 16GB DDR3


      Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti


      LR Catalog located on C:\, a 500GB SSD with 65% free space.

      The standard size previews are also located on the C:\ drive.

      Photos (62,000) are located on D:\, a 2TB HD with 25% free space

      The Catalog is backed up and optimized every week.  I never had any problems with it.

      I have 62,000 photos stored by Year –> Month –> Day –> Photo session. This library is well maintained.


      My problems are with the Library section:


      1. When LR starts, it takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds to open the Folders list in the Navigator. After that, it takes about 4 minutes before the number of photos for each folder is shown – the numbers appear gradually. Most of the time, LR will crash if I start using it before this long process is finished.


      2. LR often crashes when changing Folders in the Library section.


      3. When browsing through photos displayed on the second monitor, it often takes up to 5 seconds for each photo to get in focus. The Develop, Map and Slideshow sections work well without any problems. I don’t use the Book, Print and Web sections. Importing photos works without problems.  PhotoShop works perfectly.


      I have been using LR for the last 10 years without any problems. These problems started about 1 year ago and are steadily getting worse.


      Following suggestions received on the LR Forum, I tried this:


      1. I was using a 250GB SSD which had about 10% free space. I changed it for a larger and faster one. This change got me to reinstall Windows. The problems remained. No improvement.


      2. I tried not to use the Graphics Processor option. It does not seem to change anything with or without.


      3. I increased the Camera Raw Cache to 5.0 GB. No improvement.


      Can anybody help me ?  I need a working LR !!!