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    GPU render error, unable to preces frame

    TheExplorographer Level 1

      You cannot afford my lost time.


      GPU Render Error

      Unable to process frame.


      Writing with exporter: H.264

      Writing to file: \\?\M:\TheVanishing001mp4.mp4

      Writing file type: H264

      Around timecode: 00;30;00;06 - 00;30;00;13

      Rendering effect: AE.ADBE Lumetri

      Rendering at offset: 1799.970 seconds

      Component: EffectFilter of type GPUVideoFilter

      Selector: 9

      Error code: -1609629695


      I have turned OFF render at maximum quality... which alone seems like I am overpaying for software that doesn't work.  I just lost all that time as I have a file that is worthless.  This is completely random. Sometimes, no problem renders fine..other times I get the above error.  Yes, I am on the latest nVidia drivers. They were clean installed and do not have issues. I am completely frustrated at this point!


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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Typically that means you have an issue at the point in the timeline it gives you. Fix that.



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            Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

            You have a problem in rendering Lumetri effects applied, try removing them,

            or if you still want the Lumetri, try to delete the render files by going to sequence - delete render files

            or manually delete the video previews from outside of Premiere. Then clean your Media Cache.


            If after doing all of the above the problem persists, try nesting the clips on which you have Lumetri

            after removing the Lumetri Effect, then reapply Lumetri to the nested. Check if that works as well ...

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              juanmario Level 4

              In the project settings, change GPU acceleration to Solo Software.

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                TheExplorographer Level 1

                Thanks for the suggestions fellas...but I have to ask... WHY??  I am doing nothing that I wasn't doing before this god awful bug.  By the way, I have discovered, turning off the layers Opacity Keyframing fixes this problem.  This is a bug..Adobe knows it.  PR right now is crippled. I am paying full price for crippled software.  I am most certainly not changing my workflow.  I built this beast of a system so that my creative flow is not hindered by hardware or software and right now software is being a PITA!

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                  R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  First, by your comments, you don't understand a number of things about this app. Which is normal, how many do?


                  So ... Max Render Quality is only of use in certain limited situations, such as major resizing involving a lot of diagonal lines. Other than that, it's not of use. And can at times cause artifacts, so the better advice is that's off most of the time. Same for Max Depth, especially if you've got a dedicated decent GPU. 2-pass renders for exports mostly just take up extra time, without any appreciable improvement to the export. Except ... it can help in a very few sequences.


                  Not having them on is NOT 'missing' anything of use with the app. Period.


                  Apparently, you're one of the few that has the issue of opacity keyframing a clip or adjustment layer causes a problem? If so, yes, any software has some bugs ... some things that don't work right on some gear and media combinations, that sort of thing. I can't replicate, as it's working normally on my Win10 rig.


                  I do understand and appreciate the angst. Like most anyone using a complex hardware-demanding app like this for 5 years or so, I've been hammered at some point also. Around four months one time, requiring I stay with an earlier version until the appropriate bug fix had been released.


                  Also, if there's some glitch in the media cache files, you can have this sort of Lumetri fail message. I do get them but pretty rarely ... and always dump the media cache and check the timeline at the time-code spot. And am exporting in a couple minutes.



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                    Carlos Ziade Adobe Community Professional

                    To add to what Neil said, that which I agree 100%, you should have informed us

                    if you have tried our suggestions to delete the render files or video previews associated

                    to your project. When projects rendered on previous versions are rendered again on newer

                    versions, sometimes an abnormal overlapping of the video previews might occur especially

                    when you have effects like Lumetri, so, simply deleting the render files and then cleaning

                    your media cache is something that should be done and become your habit as always this

                    is a necessary step not only with Premiere Pro. When you turned off 'Opacity' keyframing

                    and that I guess was done on the layer that has the Lumetri, that layer's render previews

                    were not being rendered again, no more of use. I guess if you deleted all the render files and

                    media cache and tried again even with those opacity keyframes on, your problem might have been solved.

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                      TheExplorographer Level 1

                      This was a brand new project. And the media cache is generally dumped before I start anything new...and it was this time. So no, it wouldn't have worked. Thanks for the help, to others. All I know is that they better get it fixed.  I am tired of public forced betas.  That needs to be done on an non-production stream by volunteers.  No where in my Adobe contract does it say that I agree to TEST software.  Also, the salt tossed around by community "pros" here is appalling.   Great image for the company.

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                        TheExplorographer Level 1

                        I wouldn't be here if it was a typical issue. And it was ONE track... no edits. Turning off keyframing on the opacity fixed it immediately. This is a bug. Period.

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                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Didn't say it wasn't,  and if you read my last post, it's clear I saw it as such.


                          I don't know of a complex multi platform app that is ever totally bug free. None. Period. I've been hit by bugs in this app myself, one caused me to stay with an earlier version for 4-6 months.


                          And I've had others less maddening.


                          So I'm not negating that you have a big or it's a pisser for you.


                          That said many things happen more if certain processes or patterns aren't understood or taken. Hence going through possible options and approaches that may obviate or at least get around something will be suggested.


                          The development team knocked off a ton of bugs this cycle, a huge improvement over past releases. So I give credit for that. This forum is the deadest post-release I've seen in five plus years.


                          So that means pushing on the remaining ones is a good thing to do.


                          As is checking steps and processes that may help also.



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                            I was wondering if you happened to find a fix.  I'm getting the same error and it seems to always happen between Opacity Key Frames.

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                              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Please file over on the UserVoice system that you're having this. I've created the bug report linking to this thread, but PLEASE! ... both of you (and any others!) ... go there and add your comments to my posting.


                              gpu render error "unable to process frames" linked to opacitiy keyframe being "on" – Adobe video & audio apps


                              That is the way in the Adobe system to get the data directly to the QC engineer's systems. If they don't see it, they don't know about it.