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    Help with Elements 10


      I'm trying to create an image for a t-shirt but what I want to do is beyond my knowledge. I hope it can be done in Elements 10. So the basic design is a Mickey Mouse head. Then there will be a picture in the face circle, one in an ear and the other ear will have writing. I can do the face circle, which is easy. I just used a cookie cutter.  The problem is getting the photo for the ear to be the correct shape. I have a clip art to use for the design but I don't know how to "cut out" the photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mark Sand Level 4

          If all you want is the head outline, do a Google or Bing image search on "mickey mouse outline".

          I found this one on white background. If you want to use it you can right-click to save to your PC.




          After adding your pictures and text, to place the result on a t-shirt you will need to replace the white background with transparency.

          1.Duplicate the Background layer, and turn off the visibility of the Background layer.

          2. Activate the duplicate layer.

          2. Activate the Magic Wand tool with the Contiguous option checked.

          3. Click anywhere in the background to select it, and <Delete>. The background will be replaced by a checkerboard pattern indicating transparency.

          4. Save the file as a PNG, which preserves transparency. Note that if you save it as jpg the result will have the original white background.

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            hatstead Adobe Community Professional

            nikim50776387  wrote


              The problem is getting the photo for the ear to be the correct shape.

            Activate the cookie cutter tool, and within this is a library called "Objects." Within this is a shape called "Swirl." Rotate this 180 degrees, and it approximates the contour of the pinna.  You will have to play with it a bit to incorporate the salient portion of your picture before committing with the green check-mark