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    Relocating Images


      I'm trying to put a picture in the top left corner, and then have a popup form activate. However, after the popup activates, the picture relocates by itself to the bottom of the screen, even though I put otherwise. Here is the function that calls the popup:

      Does anyone know how to keep the image where it was? (When ever I click, I can see the image tried to move back, but for some reason, it ends up in the bottom)

      Thanx in advance!
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          When i user popups i make my popup component out of an existing control, the TitleWindow. Then you can set the "titleIcon" property of the popup, to have an icon in the upper left hand corner.

          In this case, it appears the image object belongs to the same parent object as the popup window. So the positioning should be:

          image.x = helpWindow.x + 0;
          image.y = helpWindow.y - 30;
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            andres625 Level 1

            Thank you for your quick reply. What I am trying to do, is to have a large image (sort of like a screensaver covering the entire canvas) and to have a popup window emerge depending on where I click within the image. Right now, I have the image covering the entire canvas, and when I click on it the popup windows does emerge, but lowers the image considerably (cuts off more than half). So my question is, are there any methods (like the paint() method in java) that would reassign the values of image.x and image.y? (this is the only explanation I can come up with)
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              andres625 Level 1

              I finally solved the problem! Apparently there were some problems with the layout, I just switched it to AbsoluteLayout, and that prevented the image from being moved around automatically by some internal methods.

              Thank You for your help!

              Even though I'm a flex newbie, I'm starting to LOVE IT!!!