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    Changes Not Showing Up In Preview or Published Site

    Meleagar Level 1

      I made some simple changes to my website - added some text in a text frame that has been working fine for two years, and added text links in a frame already populated with text links.  When I published them, the changes did not appear.  At first I thought it was a cache issue, but other changes I had made showed up.  I cleared the cache and still no luck.


      So I went back to muse to see if the changes at least showed up in preview mode to ensure I wasn't somehow uploading the wrong files as well as eliminating the cache theory as a possibility.  The changes, visible in design mode, did not exist in preview mode. After exporting the html files, the preview site exporting generates did not have the changes. As an experiment, I deleted all the text in the text frame, which was everything on the page that was not master-page content.  I saved the site and then went into preview mode; all the original page content was still there, as if I had not deleted it.  It seems that there is nothing I can do to change the content on this page. I've deleted all the export files, so the file saves in a clean folder, but still no changes will show up in anything other than design view.  The design view shows no text whatsoever; the preview shows the same text it's had for 2 years.


      This has completely baffled me. How can I delete the text entirely, save, preview that page in preview mode and that text still be there?


      Here is the page I'm talking about: White Mountain Foods Thank You Pagehttp://www.wmfoods.com/thankyou.html