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    Video editing novice in search of video/editing software to delete voice audio in family video


      A project I'm currently tackling is the conversion of our family's camcorder video tapes to PC digital format.  Once completed, I then want to begin editing them.  While I'd classify most of the editing I want to do as simple or basic ([separating a single tape into different clips, deleting some footage, stabilizing some of the images, improving video quality (brightness, etc), adding intro and captions, etc.],  there is one aspect that I'd like to do which may require higher level editing.  Specifically, I'd like to remove some undesirable voice segments in some of the videos that are either too repetitive, loud, high-pitched and/or just annoying.  Simply put, these audio segments really detract from the video.  What I'd like to do therefore is to keep the video from these sections, but remove the audio. Since I have a LOT of tapes, I'm hoping the answer to my question isn't that I need to hire a professional.    


      I have a photoshop and lightroom subscription and, while still learning, am familiar with the feel of some of the Adobe platforms.  I'd like clarification as to whether Adobe's Premiere Pro (or Elements) product would accomplish my editing goal?  Or perhaps Adobe's Audition product??  Any feedback and/or suggestions regarding the suitability of either of these Adobe software programs (or any relevant others, for that matter)  for the editing of my project would be most appreciated.  Thank you.