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    How change default file type in Lightroom plugin

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      Using Helicon Focus.  The Lightroom plugin defaults Image format to "tiff".  It can be CHANGED to "dng", but every time LR gets started it goes BACK to "tiff".


      Question was asked at Helicon - HOW change default Image Format in the Lightroom plugin?  Answer was "Not our problem.  That's a LIGHTROOM thing.  It's in control of the image formats."


      So, they kicked it over the silo wall to here.


      So, how do I change the default image format in a plugin?  Creating a different External Editor didn't work.  I couldn't find any way during the External Editor definition process to select EITHER "dng" or "original" for the image format (both of which are available in the plugin BUT AREN'T PERSISTENT)....