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    My Premiere Pro runs horrible on High-End PC. Help me, editing is my job.


      First off, I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 Version 12.1.2 (Build 69)


           Now what I mean by it running poorly, the timeline is very jump and choppy, and the resposiveness of the program goes down the further I get into the project even without effects added to any of the clips. These problems are making me want to switch programs, it happens with every new project I am given to work on. I use windows 10 64 bit, but now sure if that'd effect anything.


      The footage I edit is H.264 and MJPEG (I get the same results with both codecs)


      Here are my PC Specifications:

           CPU: Intel i7 7820X (Default clock speed)

           GPU: GTX 970 4gb Ram

           RAM: 32gb's clocked at their default clock of 2400

           HDD: 1 1tb 7200rpm (used for Scratch disk/ Media Cache & Game installations) & 1 2tb 7200rpm (used for Video recordings/media for editing)

           SSD: 128gb Sandisk (used for OS and Programs) & 970 evo 250gb (used for nothing atm, tried using for media cache/scratch disk but didnt see any improvement)

           MOBO: Gigabyte x299 UD4


      If there is anymore info you need to help me figure out my problem i'll be sure to supply you with whatever info is required to resolve this problem. Thank you in advance! I hope we can get this under control.