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    Flex Portal

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      I just started a new job. We are moving large mainframe application Unix servers, rewriting whole thing in J2EE.
      I am in the GUI group, they are planning to use JSF+AJAX and portlets.
      I have no JSF, no portlets, no WebSphere portal and little AJAX experience, beginner in Flex.
      [but do have 5 yrs of Swing + 6 yrs of JSP/servlets+Struts/Spring MVC].

      I am trying hard to convince them to use Flex instead of JSF/AJAX.

      They have a few doubts:
      1) Does Flex work with portals/portlets ?
      I was able to find Coenraets' article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex_portals_print.html
      but it seems to be based or written in 2004 [Flex1 ?]
      And somehow it doesn't even mention FlexDS.
      I have seen short discussion about portal support in LCDS documentation.
      So do I have to use LCDS for that or not ?

      2) Architect here is very concerned that Flex won't work in clustered WebSphere Portal 6 environment,
      especially in session management area:
      "Is Is Flex able to run within a clustered environment?
      The answer is sorta, we know it will render in a cluster environment, BUT do we have session failover capabilities with it?
      a. Scenario A, we are entering data on Form 2 of 5 on Server1 in a clustered environment with two servers(Server1, Server2)
      b. Server 1, crashes b/c somebody tripped over the power cord.
      c. WebSphere will failover any session info we have, how will the Flex application react?
      i. Will it continue where we left off? On Form 2 of 5 or start back at Form 1 of 5?
      ii. Will it just restart itself from point a within the application?"
      And again, do we need LCDS for that or not ?

      3) Any Portlet - Flex samples with the source code ?

      4) Any good article on JSF+AJAX vs. Flex ? [it will be in the browser, not AIR yet]

      Could you please shed some light on these issues ?

      Thank you in advance,