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    Widgets & Also Multiple Responsive pages


      1. This is my first web page and I am selling jewelry and I only have 1 of each. Is there a way I can mark each piece sold or make it unsellable? The Widget in Muse does not do that and the one in PayPal does but I don't want to make a widget in PayPal for every single item that I sell.


      2. Can I change my view cart icon to a custom icon? I am using PayPal.


      3. I am creating a responsive website and most of my pages are done except my additional items I want to sell. I have my first page done and I want to copy it and then change the pictures and prices. I was hoping i could do that and not have to fix all the break points again. Is that possible? For example, I have my necklaces all done on 3 breakpoints and want to do my bracelets next and was wondering if I have to start from scratch. I have the page already there in a link.