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    My project shut down and I lost my progress!


      So I was working on a video in Premiere Pro when it suddenly closed down, no warning at all. When I re-opened the project it was several stages before. I'm not really sure if I saved it before that but in the support forum it said that the program saves copies of that project every fifteen minutes, so I want to know if and how can I get my project back

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have to look for the auto-saves which is in your project folder.

          Also make a habit of making a Save A Copy to a different drive every so often.

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            rodneyb56060189 Level 4

            unfortunately, PPro has a notorious reputation, for many many years, to crash on users. The specifics are obviously a mystique or they would have been fixed long before now. In part it is trying to run the program on a gazillion different computer "platforms" with a gazillion different hardware and OS things.


            Over the years it has been, and still IS, the practice for users who really depend on what they are working on to be finalized (exported), to routinely SAVE THE PROJECT MANUALLY. ALSO SAVE AS ( and give it a new name (usually a number or letter ). For example, project 1 becomes project 1A.  AND ALSO to SAVE AS A COPY right AFTER you SAVE AS.  That way the current stuff is also backed up as a copy ( an extra layer of protection).


            These files take up NO significant space on your drive. It's just a matter of training yourself to do saves manually after you make an hours worth of editing work, or some very significant CHANGES re: transitions, effects, etc.


            Sorry, but that's the truth and you can't depend on auto saves.

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              carlosz13485882 Adobe Community Professional

              More info needed :


              01. Share your System Specs please

              02. What were you exactly doing ? Didn't a message appear to send the error report ?

              03. What type of video files are you working with ?

              04. Any other tasks were running while Premiere Pro was running ?

              05. Which version of Premiere are you working on ?

              06. Do you have all your GPU drivers up to date ?

              07. If it is the latest Premiere update, did you check if your CPU is 7th Generation and up ?

              08. Are you frequently cleaning your Media Cache ?

              09. Were you using any plugins when the crash happened ?

              10. Any other tasks in the background like a screen recording or OBS or such stuff while sharing live screen ?