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    Panel Hide Lock




      Lightroom Classic CC 7.4.


      I use a Wacom tablet, and 50% - 60% of the time I go to use the scroll slider on the right side panel I accidentally hit the button that hides the panel. After doing this a few times per photo, the blood pressure starts to rise.


      I have never had a need to hide the right or left panels, even when I had a smaller monitor.


      I'm not a software engineer, but it seems that all Adobe would need to do is put one more item in the right-click menu to "Lock The Panel". And/or, allow the scroll bar to be widened so I don't need to have the accuracy of a Marine sniper to edit a photo.


      My frustration is heavily masked by the tone of this post.


      Any help by anyone who uses LR, or by Adobe would be kindly appreciated.