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    Flash scroll bar

    rafa@mediatech Level 1
      Hi everyone:
      My client is providing Flash SWF files so that I can add them into Director. These SWF files are WMVs that got converted to SWF using something like Camtasia. Each of these SWF are 20-30 mins long. I tried importing the SWF that contains the movie control bars that gets created from Camtasia, but Director doesn't seem to like these controls, the movie plays fine, but the duration bar is not working properly (it is not tracking the video and I cant scroll it)

      Is there a way with lingo I can make a duration bar for the SWF that is currently on the stage, that I can also click on the play head and scroll the movie (SWF)? I know how to make the play and stop buttons, but I can find anything on the forums (or online) regarding a duration bar for a SWF in director.

      Thank you for your help.