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    Problem wi director app window size

    Level 7

      my app has size of 800x600 pixel and titlebar above it
      I sitch it to "fullscreen"mode by changing resolution to 800x600, switching
      titlebar off and hiding the taskbar

      It works OK, when PC resolution is bigger as 800x600
      But when I set resolution of PC to 800x600 and start my app, misterious
      things happens

      On try to hide taskbar (by using hide_taskbar() function of resolution xtra
      or baHideTaskbar() function of budApi Xtra), the stage at the bottom of the
      screen is cut off (the strip is about 10 pixel high, so I can see the
      desktop beneath of the Window)

      When I compile my projector without titlebar option activated, everything
      works fine and my director app window fills desktop completly without any

      Similar error is caused also by calling a function center_stage() of
      resolution xtra, when projector was compiled with titlebar switched on (but
      in that case stage are cut off both on the top and on the bottom of the

      Does any one have the same issue?

      Probably I can remove(hide) taskbar in some other way(remember the titlebar
      have to be enabled on start of the projector, because the same application
      can be run also on bigger resolutions)?

      Any help will be appreciated