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    Flash 8 won't export to quicktime

      I've had issues with Flash before, but this is the first problem that has actually been *insane*. I'm trying to export some animated scenes to QuickTime movies (exporting as an .avi gives horrible quality no matter what the settings are), and I get an error message:

      "The installed version of QuickTime does not support this type of Macromedia Flash movie.
      Quicktime requires Macromedia Flash version 5 or before.

      Please select "Version: Flash Player 5" in the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog."

      Now the annoying part is, I've already set the version to Flash 5 in the Publish Settings dialog. And every time I get this message I check the settings again to make sure the version did in fact "stick" and hasn't switched itself back somehow. It hasn't. I've set the version to Flash 5 just like the error message told me to ... and it tells me I have to set the version to Flash 5.
      Is the problem with Quicktime and not Flash? I tried updating that and it still asks me to set the version to Flash 5 (which it already is). Do I need to find an older version of Quicktime?

      Someone PLEASE help.