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    Mac Pro CPU Upgrade from 6 Cores to 12 Cores Really Help?


      Hi Lightroom Team,

      I'm Planning to upgrade my Mac Pro 2013 CPU from 6 cores 3.5Ghz to 12 cores 2.7Ghz


      as I can see in the Light room FAQ :


      • 64-bit, multiple-core processor (for best performance, up to six cores; the extra power is especially important if you use multiple or high-resolution monitors, which require more power)



      It looks like Lightroom can use only 6 core maximum?


      is that means

      If I use 12 cores 2.7Ghz CPU may be slower than 6 Cores 3.5Ghz CPU?

      May due to the clock speed of the 12Cores CPU is slower than 6 Cores?


      The main thing I really care is editing speed in Develop Mode,  not File Export Speed.

      In this case will 12 cores slower than 6 Cores?


      Thanks a lot.