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      I entered metadata via the Library screen and created a new metadata preset. The preset included copyright information and "all rights reserved" in the appropriate fields. It also included my email and website/FB page. I sync'd the preset to all photos to export. Upon export, I included "all metadata", and only checked "Remove Location Info". The other two boxes in Metadata were unchecked. After the export into windows, I see the metadata, but not the copyright information, my email and website/FB page. These items are missing. This data is missing in the windows file and on the uploaded FB post that I uploaded from the windows file. How do I retain these fields? Are they all included in the Location Info? What else is included in Location Info? Thank you.

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          As a first troubleshooting step: Before exporting a photo, verify that its metadata has actually been set as desired.  In Library, select the photo and then go to the Metadata panel in the left column. Change the tag set dropdown to "EXIF and IPTC" to examine fields that aren't shown in the Default tagset:


          Does the Metadata panel show the desired fields?


          If it doesn't, then you made a mistake in applying the metadata preset to the photos.


          If it does, please provide a screenshot of the panel with the fields, so we know precisely which fields you're talking about.

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            Capture 1.PNG!



            Capture 2.PNG

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              Yes the EXIF and IPTC shows them. The fields above are what I want to show up. I am being told that FB does not support these fields. I also want them to show up on the Dropbox file I send, that will also go to FB. I think I will have to enter these fields by hand in FB. Is that correct?

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                These two metadata fields, E-Mail and Website, are only available in the newer IPTC Core standard, not the older and more widely used IPTC Information Interchange Model Version 4.  Some testing shows the Windows File Explorer doesn't understand those fields, and it doesn't surprise me that Facebook doesn't either.


                In general, photo metadata is a mess of standards that are only partially and often incorrectly implemented by most programs and services.


                The most authoritative tool for examining photo metadata is the free command-line ExifTool. If you're not comfortable with command-line tools, there are several GUIs layered on top of ExifTool, including the Metadata Viewer LR plugin. But these only provide access to a small subset of ExifTool's functionality.


                Whenever a metadata issue arises, I first run ExifTool to see what's really in the file.

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                  Thank you