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    [Locked] Premiere lags so bad the program is unsuable

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      Once again, on a project the kind I've done before on the same computer with many times, Premiere lags so much anymore that editing is nearly impossible... the play head will roll over a cut and the display will be showing  a frozen frame of the last shot; this mean the program is broken and cannot be used.


      This is a project with 4K h.264 mp4s and gameplay footage with a camera nested on top of it on separate layers the timeline cutting between them... Premiere could do it months ago on this very same computer, now it can't; nothing has changed but the software updates. I empty drive space, clear caches, virus scan, reboot.. nothing works. Premiere has been downhill since the last two updates (at least), so are the ACPs going to insist it's me not the program ad nauseam still...


      It used to work, same computer, same footage, same sequence settings, computer performance should have increased after all my troubleshooting, yet Premiere still can't display a cut in the timeline in real time....


      and ACP, remember... it worked 3 months ago, and did I mention on the same computer?