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    Will there be a fix for the software finally?




      So, in frustration i am finally in the forum. Seeking the answer of what hardware actually works with the software and the given by the company recommended hardware specs?

      A brief story behind the question. I own a small production company and we do own a lot of hardware that we bought.

      Problems with Premiere never ended ...


      One of the machines is custom built with i7 7700k, GTX1080+GTX970+Intel 630, 32GB ram. Whatever we do Adobe programs are only using the integrated GPU.
      We reinstalled the machine, disabled the iGPU tried different drivers, video cards and what not and still no go.


      Another machine is i7 3930k with GTX1080+GTX970, 32GB RAM and still no go with hardware acceleration.


      3 Lenovo P700 workstations with 24 cores , 32gigs of ram Quadro P5000 + Quadro P4000 and still running on software render?


      What do we need to buy so we get normal acceleration?


      This is SHAME ! I pay truckload of money for all the machines in licenses to Adobe and in the end to have some decent time for exports I went out and bought DaVinci licenses. Ad you know what? DaVinci does render on ALL the video cards. It does use all the cores in the machines, it does render faster! It has proper color correction!


      And you know what more? My phone renders FullHD faster than Premiere. A frikkin Phone!


      So unless i get an answer from Adobe i am asking my money back for the yearly subscription on 8 machines.


      And no, i refuse to file any more bug reports and have the useless support contacting me every week asking what my hardware is. Is my windows and drivers updated and so on. Look up your logs because i have filed this report 10 times, so did hundreds other users.