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    Adding a Frame Action

      I have just started using Adobe Flash, having used Macromedia Flash for some time to do simple animations/movies. I have been trying to add a simple Frame Action to a keyframe which in Macromedia Flash simply required clicking on the keyframe required and going into Actions from the menu bar. From here, you simply clicked on the plus sign to add an action and then I selected the Movie Control>Stop action. This then gave me a symbol at the frame I wanted to indicate the action.

      This simple action does not seem to be the same procedure in Adobe Flash, when I go into actions and click on the plus sign it brings up a whole list of actions that are not relevant to what I am wanting. Can anyone tell me how I simply add the action to stop an action during a movie, which as noted above is simply Movie Control>Stop action in Macromedia Flash.

      Any help appreciated.