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    Motion Tweening Components - Will Not Work

      I've been using Flash for a few weeks and have scoured and scoured, trying to solve what I'm sure will turn out to be a small issue I'm over looking.

      Basically, I have buttons, scrollpanes, and FLVPlayer components on my stage, in separate layers that work fine when they are on the keyframe that I add them to initially. However, I want to animate these components moving in and out of the stage (see www.rossmnewton.com for an example). So I make new keyframes before and after the keyframe I added the components on, copy the components, move to the other keyframe, paste in place, move it, then create a motion tween, and the animation works fine. The problem is, no matter what I do though, my buttons, scrollpanes, and any other component, will fail to work as soon as I apply a motion tween to them. Instantly, they stop working. And I can't figure out how to animate these types of components without breaking them.

      What am I messing up here? Can you not motion tween buttons moving around? Or an FLV player?

      And I notice that it creates "Tween 1", "Tween 2", etc., objects of type Graphic in the Library.