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    "The Music File is not well formed" error when adding music to a slideshow


      LR cc 7.4. I have tried version 7 - 7.4. same issue... LR 5 it works. I have read all kinds of suggestions and none work.  Several people say to use LR 5 for slide shows as nothing else works... oh and this is a Mac High Sierra.   Looks like the issue has been around since 2016.   All MP3s I have tried work in LR5, Premeire Pro, Movie just not in LRcc 7xx. I am paying good money for this monthly can someone help me get this fixed?


      Yes I have rebooted then only run LR

      uninstalled reinstalled (all 7xx versions, all have the same issue)

      I even recorded a voice memo on an iPhone which is a m4a file and it does it on that, so it is not like a copyright thing ...


      Any ideas?