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    Premiere Pro CC 2017 & 2018 trial freezing pc during export.



      Have been using PP cc 2017 for a while now with no issues and since yesterday, it keeps freezing my PC during export. I tried the cc 2018 trial and it does the same.

      the freezing is not at a specific point during the encoding but somewhat random (usually around the 35% point or sometimes it gets to around 75% and then freezes).


      I have the latest GPU drivers.


      My PC specs:

      Ryzen 7 1800X

      EVGA GTX 1070Ti

      32GB DDR4 3200 Ram

      512GB M.2


      I have tried several things in an attempt to fix this issue but nothing works.

      I have tried turning off the OpenCL GPU acceleration

      I have tried deleting cache files


      I need help please.