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    Need help with custom scrollbars and text members with alternating heights

      hey everyone ... really need help with this, its been kicking my *** for 2 days.

      (Using director MX 2004 on Mac - OS leopard)

      I have a text member that I need to scroll. At various times this text member will be various heights. Everything works perfectly if I set the text member to "scrollable" (every time the text member resizes, the scoll bar and arrows adjust acordingly, and the dragger works as it should).

      The problem comes when I set the text member to "fixed" and try to use custom scrollbars. I can use custom scrollbars and make the text member scroll as it should for the "beginning state", but everytime the text member resizes, the dragger and arrows get all sorts of screwed up (mostly the dragger is still "bounded" to the original text member height and not the new height).

      I have tried resetting the locV of all the scrolling elements after the height adjustment, and that didnt work. I am using the "custom scroll bar" behavior in the library, and would rather not go in there and start editing the code as I dont want to screw something else up that I didnt write.

      So ... does anyone have any experience with custom scrollbars on text members with changing heights? How did you get the custom scroll bars to work properly after the height was changed?

      Thanks a million in advance! :)