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    Batch print




      Here is the issue:


      Mac OSX 10.13.6 up to date

      Lightroom Classic up to date

      Printer Canon Pro1000, up to date drivers


      In the print module, when selecting several photos in the film strip and then "print", the printer dialog box shows the name of the first photo to be printed and the number of the other photos to be printed. But after the first print, the dialog box gets empty and only the first photo is printed.


      As I have hundreds of photos of the same format and same print options to print, how to batch print those photos?




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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Thierry,


          As you're looking to batch print images from Lightroom, could you please let us know if you're using the "Print to Jpeg" option in the print module?


          Also, In the toolbar at the bottom of the print screen, choose 'All Filmstrip Photos' from the drop-down. If you don't see the toolbar, hit 'T'. And then try batch printing the images and let us know if it helps.



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            thierryn48516695 Level 1

            Hi Sahil


            Thanks for your support


            I do not use the "print to Jpeg" option, and I have no reason to use this option when printing myself to a printer...


            I can select all photos in the film strip, use the "use: all filmstrip photos" (or only selected ones) from the dropdown menu, only the first photo is printed.


            As I said in my first post, I can see the number of photos to be printed in the printer dialog box, but after the first print, the batch job disappears from the printer dialog box and no more photos are printed.