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    Images much more saturated when opened in PS from LR

    amygo1 Level 1

      Not sure what has changed but when I open an image into PS from LR, the PS image is much more saturated than what it was in LR.  I haven't changed any of the color settings.  I just got a new computer and got my CC up on it.  Edited the other day and had no trouble between the two.  Now today, they look completely different.  I am very confused on what each should be at (LR and PS - Prophoto, Srgb, etc??).  Without making any changes, LR is set up as Prophoto but PS is Srgb.  Should I have them exactly the same?  Again, I didn't change anything and wasn't having these color issues the other day when I edited between LR and PS.  I know I sound like an idiot and feel like one too right now!!!  Help!!