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    how to export portions of catalog to laptop for cleanup


      Hello. I have one catalog on my external hard drive hooked up to my desktop. I don't have the time to sit there and clean up duplicates and just general organization with tags and folders. I'd like to have the ability to do this on my laptop away from home. I thought exporting previews of a portion of the catalog at a time might work. I've tried to find the right answers but I keep having issues. I'm aware of light room enough to be dangerous. I'd appreciate all the detailed help there is. My question is this:

      1. what's the best way to export just previews to save space on the laptop. I'm assuming an export doesn't change the original catalog, just creates a a new one with the items selected.

      2. how do I reflect the changes I made on the laptop back in the original catalog on my desktop without creating duplicates? I will be removing quite a bit of useless photos so I'd like them to be deleted from my disk when I bring the catalogs back together.

      3. some of the changes I'd like to make remotely would be tagging, organizing in different folders, changing some metadata since the dates are sometimes off due to scanning old photos, file name changes, deleting photos.


      Once again, this would be a huge help if anyone can walk me through the best steps to do this. I don't have an option to bring along my entire external drive, so that won't work.