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    auto-create browse sequence not working

    PaulB1234 Level 1
      I using RoboHelp 7 and FrameMaker 8 in the Technical Communication Suite. I added three FrameMaker 8 book files by reference to my RH 7 project and I converted each book's TOC. I then added three placeholder TOCs in the default TOC for the FrameMaker TOCs so that all three TOCs would be generated in the WebHelp output. That all works fine.

      But when I choose "Tools>Browse Sequence Editor", click the "Auto-create using TOC" button, and choose the default TOC in the "Auto-create Browse Sequences Using TOC" dialog box, no sequences appear in the list of Browse Sequences. I tried selecting the other TOCs also that were converted from the FrameMaker TOCs and that didn't work either.

      What am I doing wrong? Or is there another step before this? Or is this a bug in RH?