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    Importing under wrong year


      Most of my imports are from my camera card into LR, however I also have thousands of old negatives and transparencies that I scan when I have time. When I import from my camera card, the "Into Subfolder" box is unchecked and I always use "Organize by date". When I scan, I import using the, "Into Subfolder" option and specifically tell LR the year folder I want to put images into (e.g., 1992). Up until about two months ago, everything worked fine. Now every time I import from my camera card, LR creates a subfolder under 1981 (where I had recently placed a lot of scans) and puts all my images there in a subfolder with the correct date, forcing me to create a correct date folder (e.g., 2018-08-22) and move my photos. I've tried resetting all the import dialogs and still have this problem. It's extremely tedious following a big shoot. This is similar to another problem thread where the OP says their images are placed in a folder a day ahead or behind the actual date, but this is different as there could not be any system date issues because all my photos are correctly timestamped and the subfolders created under 1981 are the correct date.a

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Show us a screen capture of your Import dialog box when you import photos and this happens.

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            JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

            Sounds like you've selected the '1981' folder as the destination in the import dialog, and then instead of using 'Into one folder' for 'Organize', you selected 'By Date'.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Johan has it correct. In the Destination section you have the '1981' folder selected as the place to create a subfolder By Date.


              LR remembers all of your last import setting. Even if you change one all the others stay the same.

              you should create Presets for the type of images you are importing. One for when importing from the cameras memory card and one for importing scanned images.


              I "ALWAYS" check every setting in the import dialog before I click the Import button. I've had similar things happen when I didn't do that.

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                bille50136983 Level 1

                See the two attached screen shots. The first shows my import dialog with one photo from a folder named 'backgrounds' selected for import. The import dialog clearly shows "Into Subfolder" is deselected and the destination is "by date". Screen shot #2 shows where the image was sent...to the 1981 folder with a new folder set created below using the correct date of the original photo. Since the photo was from 2014, LR created a 2014 folder, then created a 2014-12-18 subfolder where the image was placed.LR_ImportSS1.JPG


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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  The Destination is NOT By Date. Scroll down in the Folder list just below that and See what folder is selected to Create a folder By Date.

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                    JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

                    The first screenshot confirms what I said. You have set ‘Organise’ to ‘By date’, rather than to ‘Into one folder’. What the screenshot does not show is which destination folder is selected, but no doubt that is the 1981 folder. Scroll down to see that.

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                      bille50136983 Level 1

                      OK, this was the right path. And in fact, when I scroll down, 1981 was highlighted. But I'm still at a loss to explain how would that have happened when I only ever specify a folder in the top of the dialog. I never scroll down the list...I use a specific folder by selecting "Into Subfolder" and putting in the root date (e.g., 1981, 1990, etc.). I have never scrolled down my folder list and selected a folder because it's never been necessary.


                      I suppose the answer to that is irrelevant since this solves my problem. But I can't explain it. I've been using LR for 11 years - since v1 - and haven't changed anything about how I use the import dialog in that time, so how did a date folder get locked in like that I wonder?


                      I'll accept 'user error'; thanks everyone.



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                        JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

                        If you use ‘Into subfolder’, then you have to check that option and fill in a name of that subfolder (which you didn’t do in the screenshot) and then highlight the parent folder in which you want the subfolder created.

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                          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                          As I stated in my previous post. LR Remembers the options you have chosen when you did the last import. That was probably to that 1981 folder or the import before the last.


                          Once you select a Destination folder it stay selected until you select a different folder, or the ROOT of a drive. In the destination section there are 3 drive listed, C, D and E. If you want the images place in a folder in the ROOT of the E drive then you have to Select the Drive Letter, E, and no other folder.

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                            bille50136983 Level 1

                            Yeah, I get it. So, my storage location currently is e:\\pictures\ so if I select that root point, LR should create the correct folder, by date, there.


                            I'm still puzzled. I know LR remembers last selected options. But the only two ways I've ever imported is "by date" with nothing else selected or "Into Subfolder" with a specific year folder typed into the dialog box. That's it, not other methodology. When I uncheck "Into Subfolder" it reverts to "by date", and I've never had this problem in 11 years. I never went down my folder list and selected a folder...I never scroll that folder list in the import dialog...I just stay at the top of the import dialog and select one of those two options. So why did LR decide that even though I said "by date" with the "Into Subfolder" deselected that somehow it would continue to use 1981 from the "Into Subfolder" when it was deselected?


                            Again, it matters not...just a puzzle to me. And thanks again for pointing out what seems to be an obvious place to look.

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                              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

                              Lightroom wouldn't do it on it's own, so it's possible that the folder just go selected by accident. I had it happen last week where it was going into a folder on a different drive. Took me 3 imports to notice.