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    Performance degradation on import and export

    EMC_ckranz Level 1

      Over the past year I have noticed that  performance has dropped tremendously when importing or exporting photos into lightroom. I used to be able to continue editing and working with no significant performance issue. Now, since the latest updates over the past year, If I even try to scroll through uploading images the screen freezes.  The import process seems to consume vast resources and yet take 4x as long to import the same number of images.  4000 images used to take about 45 minutes, my last major shoot took 5 hours to import that number of image....all the while I could not even being categorizing and sorting images until the upload had finally completed.


      I notice the same behavior when exporting to a network location. Performance is sluggish and slowed to a crawl. Any attempt to do anything else cause the program to freeze and hang.


      Note  have and dual iCore7 processors and 12GB RAM, Memory usage is only gong up to about 4GB so there is plenty to spare. Performance is so bad that I am afraid adobe will not like my next customer satisfaction survey as I would no longer recommend this product to a friend and my satisfaction is down to a 2 out of 10.