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    How to use an adobe stock image with transparency


      Just bought the adobe CC package and bought stock with it. I'm trying to get this image 120419829 to use on a photo I'm editing in Ps. I'm a relative novice at this stuff, so please be patient. If I copy the image directly into photoshop from my library, it has no transparent background and gray and white squares (that should be the transparent part) can be seen on the image in PS. If I open the image in Ai and hide the transparent layer, then when I copy the ball across to Ps the ball appears by itself but with a more solid white colour which makes the image useless. How can I get only the ball with its transparency to Ps?

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          I have checked the file ID which you have licensed(120419829) and noticed that it is a vector file which are best used in Adobe Illustrator.


          I believe that the file which you are looking for is a PNG file, and unfortunately .png file is not available in our Adobe Stock website.

          If you need a PNG file, you can simply create a file in Photoshop and save it as PNG or download a similar file format from Google.




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