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    shualiko Level 1

      After years of working on Avid and Pr, only today did I learn of the extensions in Pr.

      But for some reason it's not working.

      Extensions do not load, and new extensions I try to install via the Adobe extension market simply do not install.

      What am I missing?



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          kulpreet singh Adobe Employee

          Hi shualiko,


          Sorry about the trouble. What is the exact version of Premiere Pro (check in the help menu)?

          How exactly are you trying to install the extensions (please share the steps)?

          If you see any warning/error while installing, attach a screenshot.



          Kulpreet Singh

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            shualiko Level 1

            Hey there and thanks for the reply.


            I'm using the latest version 12.1


            I'm trying to install using the adobe extension market, either by clicking on the blue button the extensions offer,

            and when that fails - by downloading and then using the extension manager.


            Although the manager reports success installing, two things happen:

            1. The new extensions do not appear in the Window ->Extensions menu

            2. Extensions that are already present (I have no idea where those came from) do not function. They simply open a blank interface/window.


            I have the feeling that it has o do with the fact that a year ago - after many talks with Adobe support, they could not solve another issue: the fact that I'm constantly being signed out of the could. This led to the use of stand alone apps. I'm not sure, but maybe the 2 issues have some connection...