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    Flash Fill Patterns

      How can I designate that when an object is rendered instead of a solid color it uses a pattern?

      We are using flash and XML to render a web graphic dynamically in real time based on a user query. If the results of the query address their needs versus what they own those areas of need that are addressed are filled with color. But in some cases the results will provide coverage, in some areas, that duplicates what they already have, meaning there is overlap. In those situations for those coverage areas of the graphic we want to fill the rectangle or shape with a pattern such as a cross hatch or diagonal lines. This will allow someone to easily discern that the coverage area is redundant or duplicates something they already have. Also, this way, by using a pattern when it prints out in black and white the duplicate areas will have a different appearance then the other covered areas that are solid filled. Can this be done using Flash? Any suggestions on how? Thanks.