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    Warp Stabilizer Issues When Dealing With 100fps Footage


      Already created a post on this however no resolution was found.


      I have a 25fps 1080P timeline with 30-40 100fps 1080P clips. All clips have been slowed to 25% and then nested (individually of course). I then ran Warp stabilizer on each clip. The results for almost all of the clips was an extremely jerky and broken stabilization.


      This was working fine for me in the recent past and i've only recently been made aware of how bad it is (often I dont need to stabilize 100fps footage).


      Below is a link to a sample clip slowed to 25% and then another that is nested and stabilized.



      Original - YouTube
      Original + Nesting and Warp - YouTube


      My current work around is to slow the clip to 25% and export it, then re-import it and run the stabilization.I normally deal with clip numbers of 80-300 and above and I need to manipulate the speed often, so this is not a good enough work around, i'm looking for a solution.


      Why does War stabilizer freak out when a 100fps clip has been slowed to 25fps, nested and stabilized? what has changed?