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    multiple catalogs and not able to sync my previous lightrooms into the newest version


      I have been having THE WORST customer service experience. The first day I finally got through after waiting 30 minutes for someone to pick up. Only to have that person not really understand what I was trying to explain and kept asking me to hold on and he was refusing to help me explain by viewing my screen so it would be easier for me to explain. He then scheduled another call for the following day because he said this was taking too long, he did call the following day and again nothing was solved. He was suppose to call back the following day after that and he never did. I have been now on hold for 1.5 hours only to have to hang up because I could not wait any longer. When he accessed my computer last time I talked with him he was moving things around and now my most recent lightroom version where I do have my most recent work on is saying its empty. I am beyond flustered and would like to speak with someone who knows what they are doing and can help me with this issue of just verging lightroom catalogs and then deleting old ones and figuring out why my previous light rooms created so many catalogs that is taking up so much space on my hard drive. I run my photography business and this is putting me extremely behind. I honestly do not know what to do or go from here.